200 women participate in Mission Pomio

03 Dec 2018

Mission Pomio

This year, 2018 has been quite an eventful one for the Seventh-day Adventist church in Pomio district. As the church geared up to host one of its first ever events to date in history, there was literally no time to sleep considering the immense workload ahead with so little time to spare. These were the challenges towards the birth of Mission Pomio.
Since this was the first of its kind that the local Mission ever decided to host a program on Pomio soil, the magnitude of pressure, enthusiasm and anticipation was intensifying as well as enormous, seen on the people on the ground as they worked towards this huge event.

With the theme, “It’s almost time” the dele-gation for Mission Pomio was led by the di-rector of Women and Children Ministries in N.B.N.I Mission , Ms. Dianne Pelap and her delegation of women from North and South Gazelle districts who travelled by ship to Pomio to attend the program.
The program was hosted at Drina, RH Oil Palm Camp and lasted for a week from Octo-ber, 22nd - 29th, 2018. This one week camp brought together both the entire church at Pomio district as well as the general public and even as far as the Wide Bay district to witness and participate in the activities.
It featured extensive training courses on tailoring, Cooking, Drapery, Medicinal Herbs, Health and various community visita-tions, facilitated by the women who com-prised the delegation.
Other special members of the delegation included the Mission president, Pr. Peter Yambe, the technical team from Hope Radio and the Messengers, a singing ministry.

While most of the activities ran throughout the day, an evangelistic meeting concluded the evenings part of the daily schedule, presented by Pr. Peter Yambe.
At the peak of Mission Pomio was the combination of three grand events that ended the week-long event. These were the Mass Baptism and Wedding and ground breaking of the district’s Resource Centre.
For the people of Pomio, although Mission Pomio has ended since October, the story will never leave their hearts or lips as they continue to spread the news of im-pact and goodness this event has brought to this humble remote district.

Fairall Talmar