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NBNIM has started this year off with Bible Camp meetings for Young People and Adults based on the Book: Last Day Events.
We encourage everyone to get themselves a copy of this exciting book and read for yourself.

During the Ten Days of Prayer, January 10-20, 2018, your group should meet daily in person or by phone for an hour of united prayer. The eleventh day, January 20, falls on Sabbath. This day is a celebration of all God has done in answer to united prayer. Download resources for each day to share with your group.  We hope these ideas and suggestions will help to make Ten Days of Prayer 2018 a powerful experience for your small group or church family.

Throughout New Britain New Ireland Mission Districts for the next two weeks, our pastors, elders and lay-evangelists will be sharing messages based on the Sabbath and the Law. Please pray for them - this is to lead up to the major Provincial Evangelism Programs in Kimbe, Kokopo and Kavieng Town.

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Thank you so much and wish you Gods many blessings. And remember, Jesus is returning soon, so get ready.