Seventh-Day Adventist Church

New Britain New Ireland Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


Communication Media

Communication Media Department
New Britain New Ireland Mission

"Building bridges of Hope"
is the mission statement of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Communication Department.

We work toward this goal by reaching out to diverse church audiences -- both internally and externally -- through many avenues of communication. Creating informative and intuitive web sites, updating social media sites, and writing news stories and press releases are some of the ways we share our message. Through our work, we foster a clearer image of the church, its mission, activities and witness, so that many will become followers of Christ and members of His church.


The everlasting gospel to be preached to all (Rev 14:6) of New Britain New Ireland


Communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Christ.


We endeavour to create a favourable image of the church and reach the diverse church audiences with responsible programs utilising contemporary, effective, sustainable communication and media technologies.


Skillful, consecrated and distinctive dissemination of messages of conversion, witnessing & evangelism, and empowering people to be active and resilient labourers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To establish communication network infrastructure

  • Improve internal communication between Administrative, Department and District Directors, SHEO’s and Headmasters communicating through CUG
  • Bulk SMS services

To produce media resources

  • Active distribution of Evangelistic Literature through Discovery Centre
  • Establish own media unit centre for radio, tv, print, media training.
  • Develop resources for advocacy on social, health, community issues.

To transmit Gospel Message

  • Establishment of NBNI Mission Adventist Radio Service
  • All homes in NBNIM to receive 3ABN & Hope Channel Programs
  • Train church members to create local church websites and church bulletins
  • Utilize airtime at local radio stations

Improved information accessibility

  • To improve current information management system

Media, Public Relations

  • Crisis Management
  • News and Information
  • Branding, Promotion, Publication, Image and Corporate Identity of SDA Church
  • Produce media tools and resources for TV, Radio, DVD
  • Documentation and recording of mission events and highlights in partnership with Departments (Health, Education, Women, Children, Youth, Stewardship, Personal Ministries, Sabbath school)

Training and Development

  • Develop training resources and information to equip local church communication leaders
  • Empower, identify and utilize Adventist Media and Communication Professionals to assist in Media Initiatives at Provincial, District and Local church levels.